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Established in 1998, KAPS Consulting, Inc. is a software solutions and services company based in Silicon Valley. By integrating Knowledge, Applications, Products, and Services, KAPS takes a holistic view toward meeting client needs.

 Our Clients

We take tremendous pride in serving a world-class customer base. Our customers are young and dynamic companies as well as Fortune 500 corporations including some of the best technology, Internet, and publishing companies... More  
 Our Approach

To meet client requirements in a cost effective and timely manner, KAPS provides a broad mix of onsite, offsite, and offshore engagement options.

KAPS ensures client success by supporting the entire application life cycle including application development, migration, OS porting, integration, and ongoing maintenance support...
 Our Practice Areas

KAPS supports its clients by leveraging its business process acumen, turnkey solutions, and deployment experience in well-targeted practice areas:
 Data Management
Timely access to accurate data is critical to effective decision making. One needs to quickly gather data, bring together experts, carry out analysis, and collaboratively move the decision making process forward. KAPS can automate...
 Analytics and Reporting
Turning data into knowledge and knowledge into insight requires well balanced reporting and analysis systems that can facilitate rapid abstraction as well as drill-downs across the underlying data elements. KAPS can streamline...
 Content Management
Ensuring timely execution, enhancing customer satisfaction, meeting regulatory requirements, and lowering operating costs, all entail content structuring, conversion, and deployment in a searchable and safe manner. KAPS can assist...
Using secure web, businesses are expanding their online presence by implementing effective product definitions, support structures, partner interfaces, and customer access points to allow e-commerce to flourish. KAPS can implement…


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